Wallace DowntheAisle

Auralee Wallace, Down the Aisle with Murder, St. Martin's Paperbacks

First comes love. Then comes. . .murder?

Burrows TidingofMagpies

Steve Burrows, A Tiding of Magpies, Dundurn Press

It is in the silent spaces between the facts that the truth is to be found.

Toews GiveOutCreek

J.G. Toews, Give Out Creek, Mosaic Press

The story of a woman who must confront her worst fear to solve two murders while she struggles to keep her family together.

Mercer FatCats

George Mercer, Fat Cats, George Mercer

Fat Cats is the fourth story in the Dyed In The Green series about the challenges facing our country’s special places, and the people working tirelessly to protect these national treasures.

Gates SpooksintheStacks

Eva Gates, The Spook in the Stacks, Crooked Lane Books

Halloween in the Outer Banks becomes seriously tricky in the fourth in the national bestselling Lighthouse Library series.

Chapman BleedingDarkness

Brenda Chapman, Bleeding Darkness, Dundurn Press

Two murders, fourteen years apart, both shrouded in secrets.

Moss JewelintheCave

John Moss, The Jewel in the Cave, World Castle

It is in the silent spaces between the facts that the truth is to be found.

Moritsugu Showrunner

Kim Moritsugu, The Showrunner, Dundurn Press

Hollywood-noir novel about three strong-willed women: the two co-creators of a hit TV show locked in a battle to destroy each other, and the actress who comes between them.

Poulsen LastSongSung

David A. Poulsen, Last Song Sung, Dundurn Press

A fifty-year old cold case sends Cullen and Cobb on a search for an abducted sixties folk-singer—and the music turns deadly.

Freeland MurderinGreenwichVillage

Liz Freeland, Murder in Greenwich Village, Kensington

In 1913 Manhattan, a sharp-witted young publishing secretary discovers she has a talent for investigating murder...

Levison Crate

Deborah Levison, THE CRATE: A Story of War, a Murder, and Justice, WildBlue Press

A killer hid a wooden crate under our Muskoka cottage. Its horrific contents forced us to confront evil, past and present.

White GirlintheMoss

Loreth Anne White, The Girl in the Moss, Montlake Romance, Apub

A shallow grave exposes deadly secrets as bestselling author Loreth Anne White brings her thrilling series to a close.

Preston TooLate

Sydney Preston, Too Late for Redemption, Rye Publications

Plenty of people would like to murder Max Berdahl. But when it does happen, the motive turns out to be both shocking and sad.

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