Butler NoPlaceForWolverines

Dave Butler, No Place for Wolverines, Dundurn Press

What if someone proposed a new ski area in a national park, but things weren't as they appeared?

Bell HearingVoices

E.C. Bell, Hearing Voices, Tyche Books

Marie wants the nightmares to stop. Doesn’t look like that's going to happen anytime soon.

Lazarus MurderbyMilkshake

Eve Lazarus, Murder by Milkshake, Arsenal Pulp Press

In 1965, radio personality Rene Castellani poisoned his wife Esther with arsenic flavoured milkshakes so he could marry Lolly.

Whishaw SorrowfulSanctuary

Iona Whishaw, A Sorrowful Sanctuary, TouchWood Editions

When Lane Winslow finds a badly injured man in a rowboat, she gets a shocking reminder of the perils of the recent war.

Penz Sheluk PastandPresent

Judy Penz Sheluk, Past & Present, Superior Shores Press

Sometimes the past reaches out to the present...

Wilkshire RememberTokyo

Nick Wilkshire, Remember Tokyo, Dundurn Press

In Tokyo, Charlie Hillier discovers that you can't always bank on the truth.

McPherson GirlsWhisperedMurder

Lynn McPherson, The Girls Whispered Murder, Black Opal Books

It's 1954 in the cozy, New England town of Twin Oaks. Murder is on the menu. Can Izzy Walsh help find the culinary killer?

Yi DeathFlight

Melissa Yi, Death Flight, Windtree Press

A doctor trapped on a plane with a killer battles to save lives—and wonders if she herself might be the murderer.

Wilson WildDogsofMexico

T.E. Wilson, Wild Dogs of Mexico, Boularderie Island Press

Detective Sánchez investigates the Catholic Church in the desert city of Durango, and offers himself as the final sacrifice.

Fradkin PrisonersofHope

T.E. Wilson, Wild Dogs of Mexico, Boularderie Island Press

A former aid worker stumbles into the world of exploited foreign workers when she rescues a Filipino nanny accused of murder.

Fox YeastofEden

Sarah Fox, Yeast of Eden (A Pancake House Mystery), Kensington (Lyrical)

It’s up to pancake house owner Marley McKinney to discover the waffle truth behind a rival’s murder . . .

Calonego StrangerontheIce thumb

Bernadette Calonego, The Stranger on the Ice, AmazonCrossing

A frozen corpse on the Ice Road near the Inuit town of Inuvik in Canada`s Arctic and a haunting death on an Arctic expedition.

Martin DarkestBeforeDawn

Mike Martin, Darkest Before the Dawn, Ottawa Press and Publishing

Darkest Before the Dawn is the latest adventure of Sgt. Winston Windflower, a Mountie who finds himself surrounded by a new family and a new life in tiny Grand Bank, Newfoundland.

2013 Entries



2012 Arthur Ellis Book List


Entered for Best Crime First Novel

Entered for Best Crime Novel 

Entered for Best Novella 

Entered for Best Crime Short Story

Entered for Best French Crime Book

Entered for Best Juvenile Crime Book

Entered for Best Nonfiction Crime Book




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Entered for Best
  Crime First Novel

Cathy Ace, The Corpse with the Silver Tongue, TouchWood 

Peggy Blair, The Beggar’s Opera, Penguin Canada

Calvin J. Brown, Six, Friesen Press

Nelson Brunanski, Crooked Lake, Trafford Lake

Miriam Clavir, Insinuendo, Bayeux Arts

Deryn Collier, Confined Space, Simon & Schuster

Alexander Galant, Depth of Deception, Alexander Galant

Andrew Hunt, City of Saints, Minotaur

Mary Jackman, Spoiled Rotten, Dundurn

GB Jayce, The Code, Penguin Canada

Peter Kirby, The Dead of Winter, Linda Leith Publishing

Chris Laing, A Private Man, Seraphim Editions

Matt Lennox, The Carpenter, HarperCollins Canada

Peter Lewis-Watts, Maritime Malice, Peter Lewis-Watts

Stacey Madden, Poison Shy, ECW Press

Finley Martin, The Reluctant Detective, The Acorn Press

Alen Mattich, Zagreb Cowboy, House of Anasi

Rosemary McCracken, Safe Harbor, Imajin Books

Luke Murphy, Dead Man’s Hand, Imajin Books

Sandra Nikolai, False Impressions, Vemcort Publishing

Robert Pobi, Bloodman, Simon & Schuster

Simone St James, The Haunting of Maddy Clare, NAL

Sonia Suedfeld, Dead Beneath the Water, Blue Terrier

David Whellams, Walking Into the Ocean, ECW Press



Entered for Best
Crime Novel


    Judith Alguire, A Most Unpleasant Wedding, Signature

    Wayne Arthurson, A Killing Winter, Tor

    Linwood Barclay, Trust Your Eyes, Doubleday Canada

    Anne Barton, The Devil Laughs, JRM Mysteries

    C.C. Benison, Eleven Pipers Piping, Doubleday Canada

    Anthony Bidulka, Dos Equis, Insomniac Press

    Rick Blechta, The Fallen One, Dundurn

    Giles Blunt, Until the Night, Random House Canada

    Joan Boswell, Cut to the Bone, Dundurn

    Gail Bowen, Kaleidoscope, McClelland & Stewart

    John Brooke, The Unknown Masterpiece, Signature

    Alison Bruce, Deadly Legacy, Imajin Books

    Erwin Buck, Deadly Music, Iguana Books

    Liz Bugg, Oranges and Lemons, Insomniac Press

    R.D. Cain, Dark Matter, ECW Press

    Pamela Callow, Tattooed, MIRA Books

    Deborah Cannon, Raven’s Blood, Deborah Cannon

    Sean Chercover, The Trinity Game, Thomas and Murcer

    Colleen Cross, Game Theory, Slice Publishing

    Hilary Davidson, The Next One to Fall, Forge

    Vicki Delany, Gold Mountain, Dundurn

    Vicki Delany, More Than Sorrow, Poisoned Pen Press

    Jill Downie, A Grave Waiting, Dundurn

    Karen Dudley, Food for the Gods, Turnstone Press

    Kirk DuGuin, The First Drug Squad, Kurt DuGuin

    Elizabeth J. Duncan, A Small Hill to Die On, Minotaur

    Don Easton, Birds of a Feather, Dundurn

    Will Ferguson, 419, Viking Canada

    Joy Fielding, Shadow Creek, Doubleday Canada

    C.B. Forrest, The Devil’s Dust, Dundurn

    Don Gutteridge, Dubious Allegiance, Simon & Schuster

    Ian Hamilton, Red Pole of Macau, House of Anansi Press

    Ian Hamilton, Wild Beasts of Wuhan, House of Anansi Press

    R.J. Harlick, The Green Place for Dying, Dundurn

    Jennifer Hillier, Freak, Simon and Schuster

    Dave Hugelschaffer, Whiskey Creek, Cormorant Books

    Maureen Jennings, Beware this Boy, McClelland & Stewart

    Janet Kellough, Sowing Poison, Dundurn

    Mike Knowles, Never Play Another Man’s Game, ECW

    Debra Purdy Kong, Deadly Accusations, TouchWood

    Ruth Latta, The Old Love and the New Love, Baico

    Stephen Legault, The Slickrock Paradox, TouchWood

    Stephen Legault, The Vanishing Track, TouchWood

    Hilary MacLeod, All is Clam, The Acorn Press

    Michael McCann, The Fregoli Delusion, The Plaid Raccoon

    Michael McCann, Marcie’s Murder, The Plaid Raccoon

    John McFetridge, Tumblin’ Dice, ECW Press

    Stephen Miller, The Messenger, Delacorte Press

    Rick Mofina, The Burning Edge, MIRA Books

    Rick Mofina, They Disappeared, MIRA Books

    Rene Natan, The Bricklayer, createspace.com

    Lilian Nattel, Web of Angels, Alfred A. Knopf

    Vernon Oikle, Three Crows A Letter, Bryler Publications

    Kurt Palka, Patient Number 7, McClelland & Stewart

    Louise Penny, The Beautiful Mystery, Minotaur

    Brent Pilkey, Secret Rage, ECW Press

    John Lawrence Reynolds, Beach Strip, HarperCollins Canada

    Peter Robinson, Watching the Dark, McClelland & Stewart

    Robert Rotenberg, Stray Bullets, Simon & Schuster

    David Rotenberg, The Placebo Effect, Simon & Schuster

    Jeffrey Round, Lake on the Moutain, Dundurn

    Bill Rowe, Rosie O’Dell, Flanker Press

    Robert J. Sawyer, Triggers, Penguin Canada

    Howard Shrier, Boston Cream, Vintage Canada

    John Simpson, Missing Rebecca, Toller Lane Press

    Sean Slater, Snakes and Ladders, Simon & Schuster

    Phyllis Smallman, Highball Exit, TouchWood

    Brad Smith, Crow’s Landing, Simon & Schuster

    Brad Smith, Red Means Run, Simon & Schuster

    Gwendolyn J. Southin, Death as a Fine Art, TouchWood

    C.M. Spenser, Road Kill, C.M. Spenser

    Marc Strange, Woman Chased by Crows, ECW Press

    Carsten Stroud, Niceville, Alfred A. Knopf

    Scott Thornley, The Ambitious City, Random House Canada

    Morley Torgov, The Mastersinger From Minsk, Dundurn

    Alice Walsh, Analysing Sylvia Plath, Thomas & Mercer

    Sharon Wildwind, Loved Honour More, Five Star Press

    Inger Ash Wolfe, A Door in the River, McClelland & Stewart

    Rachel Wyatt, Suspicion, Coteau Books


    Entered for Best
    Crime Novella

    Lou Allin, Contingency Plan, Orca Books

    Melodie Campbell, The Goddaughter, Orca Books

    Vicki Delany, A Winter Kill, Orca Books

    Barbara Fradkin, Evil Behind That Door, Orca Books

    Alex Markman, Farewell to the Past, Asteroid Publishing

    Christopher G. Moore, Reunion, Heaven Lake Press

    Michelle Wan, When I Kill You, Orca Books

    Sylvia Maultash Warsh, Best Girl, Orca Books

    Sonia Zylberberg, The Orange on the Seder Plate, Sonia Zylberberg


    Entered for Best
    Crime Short Story

    Jayne Barnard, Each Canadian Son, Bloody Words

    Karen Blake-Hall, The Hunter, The Whole She-Bang, Toronto Sisters in Crime

    Pamela Callow, Break Even, Love is Murder, Mira Books

    M.H. Callway, Incompetence Kills, Starship Goodwords, Carrick Publishing

    Melodie Campbell, Life Without George, Over My Dead Body Mystery Magazine

    Donna Carrick, Corner Store, Starship Goodwords, Carrick Publishing

    Sean Chercover, Maybe Someday, Beat to a Pulp

    Sandy Conrad, Sins of the Fathers, The Brucedale Press

    Sharon Crawford, Porcelain Doll, Beyond the Tripping Point, Blue Denim Press

    Sharon Crawford, Saving Grace, Beyond the Tripping Point, Blue Denim Press

    Sharon Crawford, For the Love of Wills, Beyond the Tripping Point, Blue Denim Press

    Hilary Davidson, Magpie, Thuglit

    Vicki Delany, Baby, the Rain Must Fall, The Whole She-Bang, Toronto Sisters in Crime

    Vicki Delany, The Fair Copy, The Whole She-Bang, Toronto Sisters in Crime

    Alexander Galant, Remember Me, Starship Goodwords, Carrick Publishing

    Therese Greenwood, Bottom of the Barrel, CBC Canada Writes

    Therese Greenwood, Wrecked, Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine

    Elizabeth Hosan, Big Brother, The Whole She-Bang, Toronto Sisters in Crime

    Mary Jane Maffini, How are the Mighty Fallen, University Affairs

    P.M. Jones, The Hard Way, The Whole She-Bang, Toronto Sisters in Crime

    P.M. Jones, Murder Most Royal, The Whole She-Bang, Toronto Sisters in Crime

    Tracy L. Ward, A Ring for Jenny, The Whole She-Bang, Toronto Sisters in Crime

    Nancy Lindquist, Dying with Things Unsaid, The Whole She-Bang, Toronto Sisters in Crime

    Scott MacKay, Cruel Coast, Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine

    Rosemary McCracken, Crossing Over, The Whole She-Bang, Toronto Sisters in Crime

    Gordon McEachern, The History Lesson, Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine

    Andrew McQuilkin, The PI’s Last Case, The Strand

    Lynne Murphy, The Troublemaker, The Whole She-Bang, Toronto Sisters in Crime

    Helen Nelson, The Cookie Caper, The Whole She-Bang, Toronto Sisters in Crime

    Helen Nelson, Amber Free Annie, The Whole She-Bang, Toronto Sisters in Crime

    E. Joan O'Callaghan, Stooping to Conquer, Starship Goodwords, Carrick Publishing

    Jas. R. Petrin, Mad Dog, Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine

    Twist Phelan, The Fourteenth Juror, Mulholland Books, Little Brown

    Twist Phelan, I’m Learning, Twilight Times

    Sue Pike, On the Way to Hue, The Whole She-Bang, Toronto Sisters in Crime

    James Powell, The Fellowship of the Pecan-Stone Ring, Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine

    A.J. Richards, An Unexpected Christmas Gift, The Whole She-Bang, Toronto Sisters in Crime

    Steve Shrott, The Job, The Whole She-Bang, Toronto Sisters in Crime

    Steve Shrott, Stress, The Whole She-Bang, Toronto Sisters in Crime

    Steve Shrott, Good Times, Untreed Reads

    Madona Skaff, Hideaway, The Whole She-Bang, Toronto Sisters in Crime

    Madona Skaff, The Bouquet, The Whole She-Bang, Toronto Sisters in Crime

    Yasuko Thanh, Hunting in Spanish, Floating like the Dead, McClelland & Stewart

    Yasuko Thanh, Spring-Blade Knife, Floating like the Dead, McClelland & Stewart

    Yasuko Thanh, Lula May’s Love Stories, Floating like the Dead, McClelland & Stewart

    Sylvia Maultash Warsh, Family Values, Starship Goodwords, Carrick Publishing

    Sylvia Maultash Warsh, Full Circle, The Whole She-Bang, Toronto Sisters in Crime

    Sam Wiebe, Black Light Marker, Spinetingler

    Sam Wiebe, He’s No Humanitarian, But Dam Can He Take a Punch, Thousand Islands Life

    Linda Wiken, Jackie’s Girls, The Whole She-Bang, Toronto Sisters in Crime


    Entered for Best
    French Crime Book

    Stay tuned.


    Entered for Best
    Juvenile/Young Adult Crime Book

    Don Aker, Running on Empty, HarperCollins Canada

    Michael Bedard, The Green Man, Tundra Books

    Michael Betcherman, Breakaway, Razorbill Canada

    Gary Blackwood, The Imposter, Red Deer Press

    L.D. Cross, Code Name Habrakuk: A Secret Shipmate of Ice, Heritage House Publishing

    Kathryn Ellis, Home in Time for Dinner, Red Deer Press

    Cynthia J. Faryon, Real Justice: Guilty of Being Weird, James Lorimer and Company

    Cynthia J. Faryon, Real Justice: Sentenced to Life at Seventeen, James Lorimer and Company

    Jacqueline Guest, Outcasts of River Falls, Coteau Books

    Melissa Hardy, The Geomancer’s Compass, Tundra Books

    Lisa Harrington, Live to Tell, Cormorant Books

    YS Lee, The Agency: The Traitor in the Tunnel, Candlewick Press

    Nora McClintock, Guilty, Orca Books

    Nora McClintock, I, Witness, Orca Books

    Sylvia McNicoll, Crush Candy Corpse, James Lorimer and Company

    Jeff Mitchell, Real Justice: Young, Innocent and in Prison, James Lorimer and Company

    Curtis Parkinson, Man Overboard, Tundra Books

    Shane Peacock, Becoming Holmes, Tundra Books

    Sean Rodman, Dead Run, Orca Books

    Aexei Maxim Russell, Trueman Bradley- Aspie Detective, Jessica Kingsley Publishers

    Eileen Schuh, Fatal Error, Imajin Books

    Jocelyn Shipley, How to Tend a Grave, Great Plans Teen Fiction

    Caroline Stellings, The Scratch on the Ming Vase, Second Story Vase

    Elizabeth Stewart, The Lynching of Louie Sam, Annick Press

    Allan Stratton, The Grave Robber’s Apprentice, HarperCollins Canada

    Bill Swan, Real Justice: Fourteen and Sentenced to Death, James Lorimer and Company

    Kevin Sylvester, Neil Flambé and the Tokyo Treasure, Simon & Schuster

    Kevin Sylvester, Neil Flambé and the Crusader’s Curse, Simon & Schuster

    LD Taylor, Motive Games, Wombat Books

    Alex Van Tol, Shallow Grave, Orca Books


    Entered for Best
      Nonfiction Crime Book

    Anita Arvast, Bloody Justice: The Truth Behind the Bandido Massacre at Sheddon, Wiley

    Alex Caine, Charlie and the Angels, Random House Canada

    Nate Hendley, Steven Truscott: Decades of Injustice, Five Rivers Publishing

    Guy Lawson, Octopus, Crown, Random House of Canada

    Steve Lillebuen , The Devil’s Cinema, McClelland & Stewart

    Bruce Livesay, Thieves of Bay Street, Random House Canada

    Lee Mellor, Cold North Killers, Dundurn

    Paul Schliesman, Honour on Trial, Fitzhenry and Whiteside

    Rob Tripp, Without Honour, HarperCollins Canada




    The CWC would like to thank everyone in the Canadian publishing community

    for making the Arthur Ellis Awards such a success through the years.

    Entered for Best

    Crime Novel

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