Who Can Join and What Does It Cost?


Who can become a Professional Author Member of Crime Writers of Canada?


  • Professional Author Members (PAM) – Canadian authors with a crime-related publication to their credit (see below).
  • Who is a "Canadian" author? A Canadian author is a Canadian citizen living anywhere in the world, or a person from anywhere in the world who lives in Canada and has Permanent Resident status.

To be considered a professional author member, you must have one of the following to your credit: a published book of at least 50,000 words (fiction, non-fiction, YA), three short stories published in approved paying markets, non-fiction articles equivalent to a non-fiction book, or a play/script/screenplay equivalent in length to a book. Because the CWC is an association of crime writers, the published works have to be crime-related to count.

To qualify with a published book: the book must be available in paperback or hard cover for sale across Canada at a price commensurate with standard trade practice for like work, through a Canadian retailer (Amazon.ca is accepted.)  It must have an ISBN, copyright, professionally designed cover, and be professionally edited. 

What is Crime-Related Writing?

The field of Crime Writing is a broad category that includes includes crime, detective, espionage, mystery, suspense, and thriller writing, as well as fictional or factual accounts of criminal doings and crime-themed literary works. Cross-over novels and short stories such as romantic suspense and speculative thrillers are also considered part of the genre. In broader terms, it includes any book-length work, novella or short-story that features crime or mystery as a central element.

If you do not have a crime-related publication to your name but are working on something, you would join as an associate writer member; we change your membership status to professional author member once you are published in the crime genre.

Cost of Annual PAM Membership: $130 CAN

New members: Please Do Not join here! Contact Vicki Blechta at for instructions.

Associate Memberships include:

  • Associate writer members – writers and aspiring authors of crime books and stories, and professional authors who are not Canadian.
  • Supporting/Honourary members – publishers, editors, agents, booksellers,fans, librarians, and others interested in Crime Writers of Canada.

Cost of Annual Associate Membership: $88 CAN

New members: Please Do Not join here!  Contact Vicki Blechta first at for instructions.