Who can become a Professional Author Member of Crime Writers of Canada?

  • Professional author members (PAM) – Canadian authors with a crime-related publication to their credit.

To be considered a professional author member, you must have one of the following to your credit: a published book of at least 50,000 words (fiction, non-fiction, YA), three short stories published in approved paying markets, non-fiction articles equivalent to a non-fiction book, or a play/script/screenplay equivalent in length to a book. Because the CWC is an association of crime writers, the published works have to be crime-related to count.

To qualify with a published book: the book must be available in paperback or hard cover for sale in Canada, through a Canadian retailer ( is accepted.)  It must have an ISBN, copyright, professionally designed cover, and be professionally edited.  Basically, if your book meets the requirements for the Arthur Ellis Awards, it will also qualify you for Professional Author Membership in CWC.

What is Crime Writing?

The field of Crime Writing is a broad category that includes includes crime, detective, espionage, mystery, suspense, and thriller writing, as well as fictional or factual accounts of criminal doings and crime-themed literary works. Cross-over novels and short stories such as romantic suspense and speculative thrillers are also considered part of the genre. In broader terms, it includes any book-length work, novella or short-story that features crime or mystery as a central element.

If you do not have a crime-related publication to your name but are working on something, you would join as an associate writer member; we change your membership status to professional author member once you are published in the crime genre.

Cost of Annual PAM Membership: $130 CAN

New members: Do NOT join here! Contact Vicki Blechta at for instructions.

Associate Memberships include:

  • Associate writer members – writers and aspiring authors of crime books and stories, and professional authors who are not Canadian.
  • Supporting/Honourary  members – publishers, editors, agents, booksellers,fans, librarians, and others interested in Crime Writers of Canada.

Cost of Annual Associate Membership: $88 CAN

New members: Do NOT join here!  Contact Vicki Blechta at for instructions.