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Author promotion  

1. Cool Canadian Crime (CCC ) ~ Online Catalogue of Professional Author Members' Books

  Your books become part of our catalogue! 

     This key source of bibliographic information about Canadian crime fiction: 

  • provides easy access for anyone visiting the Crime Writers of Canada (CWC) website to view members’ books;
  • is available online to booksellers, librarians, and the reading public;
  • provides four special editions published separately on the website to highlight new or recent releases during the year;
  • notifies thousands of subscribers about the latest edition through a public newsletter with links to the CWC website where visitors can then access your bio page and your own website;
  • allows members to have their new releases on a rotating banner on the home page;
  • is searchable by author, book title, genre, region and year published;
  • Short Stories published in anthologies and recognized magazines are included in CCC and in the permanent catalogue.

2. Member Bio Pages

You write the information you want for your page!

List your books and awards for the public to see.   

    • Professional Authors Members are listed by
      • Fiction Authors
      • Nonfiction Authors


    • Associate Members are listed by 
      • General - Fans, Writers
      •  Editors
      • Publisher
      • Reviewers/Critics
      • Booksellers/Restaurants
      • Librarian/ Readers


3. Annual Arthur Ellis Awards

Crime Writers of Canada sponsors these prestigious Canadian Awards!


4. Arthur Ellis Award Shortlist Events   

    • Arthur Ellis Award finalists in all categories are announced at events organized across Canada by members in their respective regions.
    • Finalists are highlighted on the website.


5. The Unhanged Arthur for Best Unpublished Crime Novel

    Even if you haven’t published yet, you may become a winner!  


7. Regional Events

    Enjoy regional events with your Crime Writers of Canada regional directors


8. Participation in other Regional and National Events

    CWC provides promotion opportunities for you across the country through national events, such as:  

    • Word on the Street and Word Vancouver
    • Ontario Library Association Conference
    • Canadian Library Association Conference


9. Crime Beat, our Public Newsletter

    Crime Writers of Canada works to expose you to the public via a monthly subscriber-based e-newsletter highlighting:  

    • Monthly Author Events – who, what, when and where by region across Canada;
    • Cool Canadian Crime Annual -  a digitial catalogue of members' books for the calendar year.
    • Arthur Ellis Shortlist Events;
    • Arthur Ellis winners;
    • & more.


10. Commercial General Liability Insurance

CWC provides Commercial General Liability Insurance (CGL) coverage for Associate and Professional Author members to protect them against claims arising from injury or property damage that members of CWC may cause to another person or property as a result of their participation in official CWC activities.

Professional development for members  

CRIME TIME, our On-line Newsletter for Members

CWC publishes an on-line newsletter strictly for members, with news of CWC activities, industry news, tips, and promotional opportunities.  

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