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The Unhanged Arthur Award
for Best Unpublished First Crime Novel


The first Unhanged Arthur was awarded by the Crime Writers of Canada in 2007 as part of the CWC mandate to recognize and promote the careers of promising new crime writers.

The competition is open to (1) Canadian citizens, no matter where they are living, and to writers, regardless of nationality, who have Permanent Resident status in Canada, and (2) who have never had a novel of any kind published commercially.

Contestants must have a completed novel manuscript (50,000-110,000 words) at the time of entry.

Submit the opening chapter(s) – no more than 5000 words – plus a 500-word synopsis of the entire novel.

Crime novels include capers, detective, espionage, mystery, police procedural, suspense, and thrillers. If you are not certain that your submission qualifies, please contact us at: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

From these initial submissions, up to ten (10) authors will be asked by the judges to submit their completed manuscripts. A shortlist will be selected from these completed manuscripts.

The winner will receive the Unhanged Arthur statue along with a cash prize from Dundurn. In addition, the winner's completed manuscript will be read and critiqued by a Dundurn editor, who will have the right of first refusal to publish the novel. The winner is required to allow Dundurn three (3) months to make an offer if they so choose, before the winning manuscript may be submitted elsewhere. There is no commitment on Dundurn’s part to publish the winning entry, nor is the winner obligated to accept Dundurn’s offer to publish. Copyright will remain at all times with the author.

The award is presented at the Arthur Ellis Awards Banquet. Details will be sent to the shortlisted authors.

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