Hietkamp, Lenore

Lenore Hietkamp

Lenore has been working with authors and publishers for over 10 years, and has many mysteries under her editorial belt. She also is a book publisher, and is committed to personal service and attention to detail at all levels. Read the list of projects on her website.

When she edits, Lenore keeps you on track and out of trouble. And if you need your book produced, who better to call on than an editor who can also publish books?

The comments, below, from happy clients say it all.

“You made Highball a much better novel. The reviews have been very good and some of the credit for that is yours. With all the new writers who are self-publishing there is a huge need for competent editors and you're more than that.” -- Phyllis Smallman, author of the Sherri Travis series

“In particular, my thanks goes to Lenore Hietkamp, who was the copy editor for The Vanishing Track. You have my gratitude, and my sympathy." -- Stephen Legault, author of several mystery series; from the acknowledgements page of The Vanishing Track. Stephen writes about his experience of working with Lenore and fellow editor Frances Thorsen on his blog.

"Lenore is a conscientious, thoughtful and kind person, who takes care of your text as if it were hers. She edited the text of my manuscript (The War in the Corner); she also suggested adjustments in the structure of the book, which turned out to be real improvements; she made a compact and easy to read layout; and after that she managed my agenda for a successful book promo tour through Ontario." -- Jan Braakman, author of The War in the Corner

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