Hennessey, Michael

Michael was born in Prince Edward Island and has lived there most of his life. He spent seven years in the Royal Canadian Navy and still enjoys sailing. He is married to Aletha Doyle and they have five children and nine grandchildren.


Retired registrar and university secretary at the University of PEI, Michael now devotes full-time, more or less, to writing, babysitting, and trying to keep up with his youthful wife.

He has had over 140 mystery book reviews appear in the e-newsletter www.iloveamysterynewsletter.com.

Ten of his stage plays have been produced, and two radio plays on the CBC.


Selected Bibliography:

 "Christmas Bonus" in the anthology Blood on the Holly, ed. by Caro Soles, Baskerville Books, 2007
The Betrayer. Charlottetown, PEI: Acorn Press, July 2003
“The Screwdriver Solution” in Hand Held Crime, Fall 2001
“Murder in Chinatown” in Orchard Press Mysteries, Winter 2001
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Second Prize, CBC Literary Competition, 1979, for “An Arch For The King”
Winner, Theatre PEI Competition, 1983, for “The Trial of Minnie McGee”
Winner, Theatre PEI Competition, 1988, for “Young Maud”
Honourable Mention, WFNS Atlantic Writing Competition, 1998, for The Long
Humiliation of Life
Shortlisted for the Atlantic Publishers Award, 2003, for The Betrayer
Second Prize, Atlantic Provinces and Quebec CWC Competition, 2004, for “The Shaker Takes A Fall”

In November 2009, The Betrayer was named as one of the top 100 books published in Atlantic Canada.



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