Steele, Coleen

steele-coleenColeen Steele  

Coleen Steele, originally from Toronto, writes mystery and suspense fiction from her home in Bowmanville, Ontario. After studying British History and English at the University of Toronto, Coleen went on to develop a marketing and communications career with professional service firms before giving it up for a life of crime writing.

Coleen Steele has drawn upon her fascination with the Toronto area of the early twentieth century for inspiration for her award-winning crime stories and now for a homefront detective series based on her adoptive town of Bowmanville, Ontario during WWII. When We Meet Again is the first title in the series, with Matt Dunn, a twenty-first-century Toronto policeman, travelling back in time to small-town Ontario in 1939 and leading an investigation into the death of a teenage boy who looks remarkably like his dead brother.

Selected Bibliography
“Rationed” in Storyteller Magazine, Winter 2001
“Them There Eyes” in Bone Dance, a Ladies Killing Circle Anthology, 2003
“Sunnyside” in Storyteller Magazine, Summer 2004
“The Knitting Circle” in Storyteller Magazine, Winter 2005

"When the Whistle Blows" in Going Out With a Bang, a Ladies Killing Circle Anthology, 2008



Winner, CWC's Unhanged Arthur Award for Best Unpublished First Crime Novel, 2013 for Sins Revisited (now Until We Meet Again)
Shortlisted, CWC’s Arthur Ellis Award for Best Short Story, 2005 for “Sunnyside”
Winner, Bony Pete Best Short Story Contest, Bloody Words, 2005 for “The Knitting Circle”
Winner, Phil Harper Award, Imagination Theater, for Best Radio Script, 2006 for “Rationed”
Shortlisted, CWC’s Arthur Ellis Award for Best Short Story, 2006 for “The Knitting Circle”



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