Arnold WhatWeBury

Carolyn Arnold, What We Bury, Hibbert & Stiles Publishing Inc.

Some secrets are worth killing to protect...

Cowie LossLake

Amber Cowie, Loss Lake, Lake Union Publishing

A new town, a new life, and a new home—with an absolutely chilling lakefront view.

Dakin CrimeinCornwall

Marion Crook writing as Emma Dakin, Crime in Cornwall The British Book Tour Mysteries Book II, Camel Press

The body in her neighbor's garden should not Claire Barclay's problem. She deals with tourists, not murdered authors.

Duncan OnDeadlyTides

Elizabeth Duncan, On Deadly Tides, Crooked Lane Books

Penny Brannigan's painting holiday was going so well. And then she discovered the body on the beach.

Heuvel AblazingGrace

Wendy Heuvel, Ablazing Grace (Faith and Foils Cozy Mystery Series #2), Olde Crow Publishing

Welcome to autumn in Banford, where foliage is vibrant, apple pie is sweet, and fire is fatal...

Torrence PoisonofMoney

Joe Torrence, The Poison of Money, American European Entertainment Inc.

Identity of Al Capone’s boss unearthed when young man stumbles upon well-kept Family secret. Based on a true story.

Bienia KnightBlind

Alice Bienia, Knight Blind, A. Bienia

All families harbour secrets, but some family secrets are best left in the past.

Saric DontLookIn

Tom Saric, Don't Look In, Severn River Publishing

When psychiatrist Gus Young's patient is murdered, he begins to suspect that another patient is the killer.

Jones SavingTiberius

Gordon K. Jones, Saving Tiberius, Bookland Press

Do you have moments when you find your cat annoying? How about having a cat who's cured itself of diabetes and people are trying to kill you to get it.

PenzSheluk WhereTheresAWill

Judy Penz Sheluk, Where There's A Will: A Glass Dolphin Mystery #3, Superior Shores Press

The third and final book in the Glass Dolphin mystery series includes a haunted house, an old murder, and decades-old secrets.

Copeland BeyondtheTrees

Karen Copeland, Beyond the Trees, Amazon

A cold case is re-opened when remains are discovered buried in a Cairnsmore basement.

White InTheDeep

Loreth Anne White, In the Deep, Montlake

A whirlwind romance. A savage murder. A widow accused. But is she a victim, or a woman who was pushed too far?

Barnard WhytheRockFalls

J.E. Barnard, Why the Rock Falls, Dundurn Press

When Alberta oil interests confront Hollywood liberals, Lacey and Jan must rescue two innocent children from a deadly ideologue.

Fotheringham CriminalsatChristmas

A. J. Fotheringham, Criminals at Christmas, Book 3 of The Lamb's Bay Mysteries, Amazon

Criminals arrive in Lamb's Bay just before Christmas bringing murder and mayhem in their wake.

Heckbert GoAheadandShootMe

Doug Heckbert, Go Ahead and Shoot Me! And Other True Cases About Ordinary Criminals, Durvile & UpRoute Books

By getting glimpses of offender’s backstories, this book shows there is more to an offender than their criminal behaviour.

McCarthy BytheBook

A.J. McCarthy, By the Book, Black Rose Writing

A serial killer uses a novel as a guide, and neither the author nor the detectives know who is next on the list, or if they are the intended targets.

Carew WeightofBlood

D.B. Carew, The Weight of Blood, NeWest Press

After barely surviving the events of The Killer Trail, Vancouver psychiatric social worker Chris Ryder once again finds himself at the centre of a high-profile murder case.

Lambert DogofWinter

Ann Lambert, The Dogs of Winter, Second Story Press

A murderer with a twisted mission targets the most vulnerable on the cold streets of Montreal.

Gates DeathLongOverdue

Eva Gates, A Death Long Overdue, Crooked Lane Books

The seventh book in the national bestselling Lighthouse Library series by Vicki Delany writing under the name of Eva Gates.

Petryshyn DeathMostCold

Jaroslav (Jerry) Petryshyn, A Death Most Cold, Iguana Books

A small town college in northern Alberta can be chilling, especially if the president is found frozen in her car....

Crook, Marion

Marion Crook writing as Emma Dakin Crook Marion

Marion Crook has over thirty trade published books of mystery and adventure for teens and middle-grade readers and non-fiction for teens and adults. As Emma Dakin, she writes a series of mystery novels set in Britain. Her protagonist Claire Barclay takes the readers to the sites of mystery novels, first to Hampshire in Hazards in Hampshire (2019) and then to Cornwall in Crime in Cornwall (October 2020). Perils in Yorkshire is scheduled for 2021 and three more will follow. Emma’s love of the British countryside and her addiction to cozy mysteries keeps her writing about characters who live and work in the villages. It’s there Claire discovers vicious motivations that disturb the idyllic setting. In the best tradition of cozy mysteries, Claire stumbles into the middle of danger.


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