White DarkBones

Loreth Anne White, The Dark Bones, Montlake

She’s come back to solve the mystery of her father’s death and confront her own dark past.

Chatterson SimplytheBest

Delvin Chatterson, Simply the Best, Tellwell Talent

It may be simple, it’s never easy. Dale Hunter is back in business, but so is Gino Boncanno.

Tremain LightningStrike

Jamie Tremain, Lightning Strike, Black Opal Books

Family Secrets - Fatal Consequences

Howell OnlyPrettyDamned

Niall Howell, Only Pretty Damned, NeWest Press

Toby is a disgruntled circus clown who can't get his hard-boiled past to leave him the hell alone.

Wesstermann AnExcuseforMurder

Vanessa Westermann, An Excuse For Murder, The Wild Rose Press

She died on his watch - now he’d take his revenge.

Kellough UntowardAssassin

Janet Kellough, The Untoward Assassin, Janet Kellough

Someone is trying to kill preacher Thaddeus Lewis. Is an old case coming back to haunt him?

Bator AllThatSparkles

Diane Bator, All That Sparkles, Books We Love Ltd

What do a trunk full of vintage clothes, a handsome land developer, and a fifty year old diamond heist have in common

Poulsen NoneSoDeadly

David A. Poulsen, None So Deadly, Dundurn Press

Two cases. Two kids. One a victim, one a suspect. Cullen and Cobb face tough decisions—and the greatest danger of their lives.

Arnold ShadesofJustice

Carolyn Arnold, Shades of Justice, Hibbert & Stiles Publishing Inc.

Detective Knight has risked her badge—and her life—in the pursuit of justice before, and she just might need to do so again.

Ogilvie Hound

Ken Ogilvie, Hound, Joffe Books

Do you love mysteries with intricate plots and new locations? Meet Detective Rebecca Bradley as she faces an escaped serial killer whose next target IS THE POLICEWOMAN HERSELF.

Dube Epidemic

Marcelle Dubé, Epidemic: An A'lle Chronicles Mystery, Falcon Ridge Publishing

In 1912, Investigator Constance A’lle navigates the fraught relationship between humans and A’lle while hunting killers.

Kingsmill NobodyDrowned

Peter Kingsmill, Nobody Drowned, Peter Kingsmill

Nobody Drowned is the second Frank Anderson novel in the Awan Lake series, by Canadian author Peter Kingsmill.

Batten, Jack

batten-jackJack Batten

Jack Batten is a journalist and author who has written thirty-nine books.

Most of the books are nonfiction—biographies, history, sports, several about lawyers, judges and court cases. But Jack has also written one young adult novel and four crime novels with a fifth published in the spring of 2013.

All the crime novels feature a Toronto criminal lawyer named Crang who operates more like a private eye. If Crang pulled stunts in real life the way he does in the novels, he would be headed for instant disbarment. Of course Crang’s stunts are all in the cause of nailing the bad guys.

In his freelance life, Jack has written for magazines ranging from Reader’s Digest to Rolling Stone. He reviewed movies for the CBC radio show Metro Morning for 25 years, covered jazz for the Globe and Mail in the 1970s, and has been writing the Toronto Star’s Whodunit column since 1998.

Among other awards, Jack has won two National Magazine Awards and the 2002 $10,000 Norma Fleck Award for nonfiction. In 1990, the second Crang novel, Straight No Chaser, made the short list for the Arthur Ellis Best Crime Novel Award.


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