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*Additional Author Identities: If you are published under more than one name, you can add that name, as a separate identity, for $65. This will allow you to give your other author name its own bio and separate exposure for marketing purposes.

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Membership Benefits

Join Crime Writers of Canada for the BEST in author promotion!

Click here to find out who can join and what it costs.

For authors: We’re here to promote you and your work, and to help you develop throughout your writing career, while connecting with fellow members.

For readers and fans:  Find new great Canadian books and converse with our authors.

Author promotion

Cool Canadian Crime: This is our catalogue of our Professional Author Members' books, novellas, and short stories which have been published in anthologies and recognized magazines in the current year. It is the key source of bibliographic information about Canadian crime fiction. Updated quarterly, it is:

  • easily accessed by anyone visiting the Crime Writers of Canada website, allowing them to view members’ works;
  • available online to booksellers, librarians, and the reading public, and mailed to over 2000 people every month, with our public newsletter;
  • provides four editions published separately on the website to highlight new or recent releases.

The CWC Website: This receives an average of 5000 visitors per month, and is the online portal for Canadian crime fiction; it presents a unique promotional opportunity for our members. The public uses the website to access the following:

  • member Bio pages: all members are able to have a personal bio page; PAM bio pages include a listing of their books, with covers, automatically updated when they are added to the online catalogue.
  • a calendar of events featuring our members day-by-day across Canada, and around the world, which members can access directly, to tell their readers and fans where they can be found;
  • a unique searchable database of our members’ works (by author, title, year, category or region);
  • Cool Canadian Crime – our digital catalogue of our members’ works, updated quarterly;
  • our Homepage features the cover art of new releases by our members on our moving “scroll of honour”, updated monthly;
  • information about the Arthur Ellis Awards.

Crime Beat: This is our monthly public e-newsletter, which is sent to an impressive mailing list of almost 2000 people across Canada and around the world. Crime Beat contains notifications of new releases by our members month by month, the monthly calendar giving details of events featuring our members, and the latest edition of Cool Canadian Crime.

Participation in Regional, National & International Events: CWC sponsors appearances at Word on the Street in various cities across Canada, WORD Vancouver and the Ontario Libraries Association Conference. We usually organize CWC events and gatherings at international conventions and conferences too - like Left Coast Crime and Bouchercon - where our members can benefit from being part of a larger, recognisable group and enjoy a chance to meet fellow members.

Other benefits of membership (available to all members)

Commercial General Liability Insurance: CWC provides Commercial General Liability Insurance (CGL) coverage for Associate and Professional Author Members to protect them against claims arising from injury or property damage that members of CWC may cause to another person or property as a result of their participation in official CWC activities.

Access to Health Insurance: Membership in CWC comes with access to the Writers' Coalition Program -- an affordable health insurance program offered by the not-for-profit insurer AFBS. The Writers' Coalition Program is designed to help those in the writing community manage their health care costs. CWC members are guaranteed acceptance into the program, with no medical questionnaires necessary and no refusals based on preexisting conditions. There are two program options: Standard and Comprehensive. Both options offer dental, prescription drug, extended health care, and travel emergency medical coverage. Both options also provide life and AD&D insurance and a Member and Family Assistance Program. There’s a monthly payment option available and premiums may be tax deductible. Both options offer dental, prescription drug, extended health care, and travel emergency medical coverage. Both options also provide life and AD&D insurance and a Member and Family Assistance Program. There’s a monthly payment option available and premiums may be tax deductible.

Errors and Omissions Insurance: Access to affordable Errors and Omissions insurance is available to many CWC members. Some examples of what this insurance provides coverage for allegations of are: defamation, libel, slander, plagiarism, and infringement of copyright.

Valuable discounts/offers from various magazines: Crimespree Magazine, Mystery Scene Magazine, Mystery Weekly Magazine, Quill and Quire Magazine, Sherlock Holmes Mystery Magazine, The Strand Magazine.

Reciprocal membership discount: A 20% discount on your first year of membership of the UK’s CWA if you’re a member of CWC, and vice versa.

Regional Representatives: Each region nominates a director from the Board who becomes the main point of contact for members in that region. Regional representatives are there to support members in whatever way they can; many give advice on setting up local events, are able to pass on their experience in terms of pitching to festivals etc., and can give general insights about CWC.

Crime Time members’ newsletter:  We have an informative monthly members newsletter that contains articles and information about matters relevant to crime writers in Canada, and around the world. Members contribute to the newsletter, sharing their experience.

Members only area of website:  We maintain an archive of Member Marketing Memos to help members understand how to better market their work, including a reviewer directory and list of literary festivals across Canada; we have a private online discussion forum where members can connect; access to CWC archives containing past members’ newsletters, Board minutes, AGM documents, bylaws, etc; direct access for members to allow them upload their events into the events calendar; direct access to allow members to create and update their Bio pages; direct access to allow members to upload information about their new releases into our Cool Canadian Crime catalogue; database where those members who wish to do so share their email contact details so members can connect. 

The Arthur Ellis Awards: Celebrating the best in Canadian crime fiction with a juried annual competition, these awards have acknowledged distinction in Canadian crime writing since 1984 and are a wonderful way for the CWC brand to be seen around the world, and all our members benefit by being associated with excellence. The awards are presented at a prestigious banquet in Toronto each May; it’s open to all, and is usually attended by publishers, reviewers, authors and the press. Coverage builds valuable equity for the CWC brand.

Arthur Ellis Award Shortlist Events: These are organized by CWC and are held across Canada in various venues in April each year to announce the works shortlisted for the Arthur Ellis Awards. They feature panels, discussions or readings, offering our members the chance to meet and mingle with each other, as well as readers and members of the public, while recognizing those whose works have been shortlisted. Regional representatives are responsible for organizing these events, which always feature local members – a great opportunity to meet fellow members, promote your work and get to know your readers.

For more information about the Arthur Ellis Awards click here.


We welcome professional and aspiring writers of any genre of crime writing, including children’s and nonfiction.

Are you a fan or “in the business”?

We welcome readers of crime fiction too, in our Associate Member category!

Associate Members are listed by: Fans, Writers, Editors, Publishers, Reviewers/Critics, Booksellers/Restaurants, Librarian/ Readers.

You’ll receive our member newsletter, and have access to the “Members Only” areas of our website, including access to available discounts. You’ll be able to mingle with fellow members at events near and far, and know you’re part of a team. If you’re an aspiring writer, check out The Unhanged Arthur competition for the best unpublished crime manuscript which we sponsor each year:



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Please contact Executive Director, Alison Bruce


Thank-you for your donation to the Crime Writers Canada!

Who Can Join and What Does It Cost?

Professional Author Members $130

Associate Members $88

(We welcome pre-published authors!)

NEW: Now you can renew your membership for one year or two





We encourage you to use our online form to register or renew. If you do, you have 3 ways to pay:

  1. Credit Card payment via the forms linked below.
  2. PayPal is also an option on the online forms.
  3. Cheque or money order in Canadian funds. After filling out the form (onlline or mail-in), make your cheque out to Crime Writers of Canada and send it to:
    Crime Writers of Canada
    4C-240 Westwood Rd.
    Guelph, ON
    N1H 7W9

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Contact for more information.


Who can become a Professional Author Member of Crime Writers of Canada?

  • Professional Author Members (PAM) – Canadian authors with a crime-related publication to their credit (see below).
  • Who is a "Canadian" author? A Canadian author is a Canadian citizen living anywhere in the world, or a person from anywhere in the world who lives in Canada and has Permanent Resident status.

To be considered a professional author member, you must have one of the following to your credit:

  • a published book of at least 50,000 words (fiction, non-fiction, YA); or
  • two novella of at least 8,001 words and no more than 49,999 words; or
  • three short stories (up to 8000 words) published in approved paying markets; or
  • non-fiction articles equivalent to a non-fiction book; or
  • or a play/script/screenplay equivalent in length to a book.

To qualify with a "published" book or novella (as detailed above): the book must be available in paperback or hard cover for sale across Canada at a price commensurate with standard trade practice for like work, through a Canadian retailer ( is accepted.)  It must have an ISBN, copyright, professionally designed cover, and be professionally edited.

NOTE: Because the CWC is an association of crime writers, the published works have to be crime-related to count.

What is Crime-Related Writing?

The field of crime writing is a broad category that includes crime, detective, espionage, mystery, suspense, and thriller writing, as well as fictional or factual accounts of criminal doings and crime-themed literary works. Cross-over novels, novella and short stories such as romantic suspense and speculative thrillers are also considered part of the genre. In broader terms, it includes any book-length work, novella or short-story that features crime or mystery as a central element.

If you do not have a crime-related publication to your name yet, but are working on something, you would join as an associate member; you can then change your membership status to professional author member once you are published in the crime genre.

Cost of Annual Professional Author Membership (PAM): $130 CAN per calendar year

New author members:


Contact Alison at


Associate Memberships are for:

  • writers and aspiring authors of crime books and stories, and professional authors who are not Canadian.
  • publishers, editors, agents, and other related professionals
  • booksellers, librarians, 
  • fans who support crime writing in Canada.

Associate Members (AM) have all the benefits of membership except book and event promotion and voting privileges at the Annual General Meeting.

Cost of Annual Associate Membership (AM): $88 CAN per calendar year

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