2022 The Crime Writers of Canada

Awards of Excellence




sponsored by Rakuten Kobo, with a $1000 prize

L.L. Abbott, The Night Is Darkest, Independently Published
K.L. Abrahamson, Beneath Malabar Nets, Twisted Root Books
Mona Awad, All's Well, Hamish Hamilton
Linwood Barclay, Find You First, William Morrow, an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers Ltd.
Jeff Buick, The Wrong Side of Murder, Novel Words Inc
Aaron Bushkowsky, Water Proof, Cormorant Books
Jen J. Danna, Shot Caller, Kensington Books
David Darling, The Tipping Point, Independently Published
Hilary Davidson, Her Last Breath, Thomas & Mercer
David Demchuk, Red X, Penguin Random House Canada - McClelland & Stewart
Sara Driscoll, Leave No Trace, Kensington Books
Sara Driscoll, Under Pressure, Kensington Books
Philip Elliott, Porno Valley, Into the Void
Helen C. Escott, Operation Trafficked, Flanker Press Limited
Joy Fielding, Cul-de-sac, Doubleday Canada
Laurie Elizabeth Flynn, The Girls Are All So Nice Here, Simon & Schuster
Barbara Fradkin, The Devil to Pay, Dundurn Press
S.M. Freedman, The Day She Died, Dundurn Press
Edmond Gagnon, Trafficking Chen, Independently Published
R.M. Greenaway, Five Ways to Disappear, Dundurn Press
Chris Hadfield, The Apollo Murders, Random House Canada
Robyn Harding, The Perfect Family, Simon & Schuster
Emily Hepdith, Alone on the Trail, Flanker Press Limited
Julie Hiner, Acid Track, KillersAndDemons.com
C.C. Humphreys, One London Day, Two Hats Creative
Timothy S. Johnston, An Island of Light, Fitzhenry & Whiteside, Ltd.
Timothy S. Johnston, Fatal Depth, Fitzhenry & Whiteside, Ltd.
Daniel Kalla, Lost Immunity, Simon & Schuster
Dietrich Kalteis, Under an Outlaw Moon, ECW Press
Susanna Kearsley, The Vanished Days, Sourcebooks
Linda Keith, Scrimshaw, Independently Published
Thomas King, Sufferance, HarperCollins Publishers Ltd.
Shari Lapena, Not a Happy Family, Doubleday Canada
Linden MacIntyre, The Winter Wives, Random House Canada
Victor Malarek, Wheat$haft, Friesen Press
Catherine McKenzie, Six Weeks to Live, Simon & Schuster
Beverley McLachlin, Denial, Simon & Schuster
Silvia Moreno-Garcia, Velvet was the Night, Del Rey (Penguin Random House)
Roz Nay, The Hunted, Simon & Schuster
C.S. O'Cinneide, Starr Sign, Dundurn Press
Linda L. Richards, Endings Oceanview, Publishing
Peter Robinson, Not Dark Yet, Penguin Random House Canada - McClelland & Stewart
P.W. Ross, Walleye, Tall Pine Publishing
Robert Rotenberg, Downfall, Simon & Schuster
Rebecca Sacks, City of a Thousand Gates, HarperCollins Publishers Ltd.
Marissa Stapley, Lucky, Simon & Schuster
Melissa Yi, White Lightning, Windtree Press



sponsored by Writers First with a $500 prize

Nekesa Afia, Dead Dead Girls, Berkley (Penguin Random House)
Ashley Audrain, The Push, Viking Canada
Eva Bernhard, Silent Sands, Independently Published
N.L. Blandford, The Perilous Road To Her, Independently Published
Richard Boyer, Murder 101, Friesen Press
Peter Browning, In a Raven's Shadow, Independently Published
Lisa Bush, City Hall: A Dr. Ada Logan Mystery, Independently Published
Bob Christmas, The River of Tears, DIO Press
Susan Cross, Double Crossed, CoffeePot Press
Kieran Egan, Tenure, NeWest Press
Jackie Elliott, Coffin Cove, Joffe Books
Angel Flanagan, Lost and Found, Moose House Publications
Max Folsom, One Bad Day After Another, Friesen Press
Barry D. Freeman, Sideslip, Independently Published
Tim Hanley, Lady Black, Independently Published
Carolyn Huizinga, Mills The Good Son, Cormorant Books
Sue Jaskula, All Fired Up, The Wild Rose Press
Kate Kading, On Scene, Friesen Press
Fiona King Foster, The Captive, HarperCollins Publishers Ltd.
Michael LaPointe, The Creep, Random House Canada
J.P. Meyboom, Business, Dundurn Press
Hayley Phelan, Like Me, Doubleday Canada
Maureen Pollard, Best Interests, Independently Published
Jael Richardson, Gutter Child, HarperCollins Publishers Ltd.
Byron TD Smith, Windfall: A Henry Lysyk Mystery, Shima Kun Press
Gabrielle St. George, How to Murder a Marriage: The Ex-Whisperer Files Book #1, Level Best Books USA
Sarah M. Stephen, The Dead of False Creek, WZE Press
J.A. Tattle, The Girl in the Library, Independently Published
Katherine Walker, All Is Well, Thistledown Press
David Whitton, Seven Down, Rare Machines, an imprint of Dundurn Press



sponsored by Jane Doe, with a $500 prize

L.L. Abbott, Conspiracy of Blood, Independently Published
Cathy Ace, The Corpse with the Granite Heart, Four Tails Publishing Ltd
Catherine Astolfo, The Grand Art of Murder, Independently Published
Alice Bienia, Three Dog Knight, Cairn Press
Susan Calder, Winter's Rage, BWL Publishing Inc
Gary Raymond Coffin, Occam's Razor, Independently Published
Patrick J. Collins, The Body on the Beach, Flanker Press Limited
Raymond Cushing, The Bone Puzzle, Independently Published
Emma Dakin, Perils in Yorkshire:The British Book Tour Mysteries Book 3, Camel Press
Vicki Delany, A Curious Incident, Crooked Lane Books
Vicki Delany, Murder in a Teacup, Kensington Publishing Corp
Candas Jane Dorsey, What’s the Matter with Mary Jane?, ECW Press
Jackie Elliott, Hell's Half Acre, Joffe Books
Barry Finlay, Searching For Truth: A Jake Scott Mystery, Independently Published
Eva Gates, Deadly Ever After, Crooked Lane Books
Victoria Hamilton, A Calculated Whisk, Beyond the Page
Victoria Hamilton, Double or Muffin, Beyond the Page
Liz Ireland, Mrs. Claus and the Halloween Homicide, Kensington Publishing Corp
Catherine Macdonald, So Many Windings, At Bay Press
Mike Martin, Safe Harbour, Ottawa Press and Publishing
Enn Raudsepp, In a Quiet Little Village, Friesen Press
Trevor Wiltzen, Missed Me, Independently Published



sponsored by the Engel family with a $500 prize

 L.L. Abbott, Deadly Past, Independently Published
Cathy Ace, The Corpse with the Iron Will, Four Tails Publishing Ltd
Raye Anderson, And Then is Heard No More, Signature Editions
Gail Anderson-Dargatz, The Almost Wife, HarperCollins Publishers Ltd.
Wayne Arthurson, Dishonour in Camp 133, Turnstone Press
Martin Bodenham, Watch For Me, Down & Out Books
Gail Bowen, An Image in the Lake, ECW Press
Louise Carson, A Clutter of Cats, Signature Editions
Michael J. Clark, The Truth You’re Told, ECW Press
Raymond Cushing, Gottingen Street Gold, Independently Published
Elisabeth de Mariaffi, The Retreat, HarperCollins Publishers Ltd.
Anna Dowdall, April on Paris Street, Guernica Editions
J.J. Dupuis, Lake Crescent, Dundurn Press
Fergus P Egan, Dorinda Trapper of Red Rapids, Independently Published
Jay Forman, Excess Baggage, Level Best Books
Barbara Fradkin, The Ancient Dead, Dundurn Press
Arthur Haberman, Careless Justice, Viaduct Press
Sue Jaskula, Unexpected Connection, The Wild Rose Press
John MacLachlan, Gray Vile Spirits, Douglas & McIntyre
Kevin Major, Three for Trinity, Breakwater Books Ltd.
Samuel Martin, When the Dead Are Razed, Slant Books
A.J. McCarthy, Faux Friends, Black Rose Writing
John McFetridge, Every City Is Every Other City: A Gordon Stewart Mystery, ECW Press
Tom Moore, My Father's Son, Flanker Press Limited
C.S. Porter, Beneath her Skin, Vagrant Press (A Nimbus Imprint)
John Lawrence Reynolds, Beach Blonde, At Bay Press
Glenn Rivard, Killers High and Low, Independently Published
Joel Scott, Arrow’s Rest, ECW Press
Vern Smith, Under the Table, Run Amok Books
Nellie P. Strowbridge, The Hanged Woman's Daughter, Flanker Press Limited
Joanna Vander Vlugt, Dealer's Child, Independently Published
Alice Walsh, Death on Darby's Island, Vagrant Press (A Nimbus Imprint)
Iona Whishaw, A Lethal Lesson, TouchWood Editions
Sam Wiebe, Hell and Gone, Harbour Publishing
Colleen Winter, The Disruptors, Independently Published



sponsored by Mystery Weekly with a $200 prize

Thom Bennett, The House on Skeleton Bay, Dark Porch Publishing
Eva Bernhard, Absent Beauty (Agnes Taylor Mystery - Short Read Prequel)
Sherrell Branton Leetooze The Queen's Pawn Lynn Michael-John Associates
Mike Culpepper, How I Solved a Blind Pig Murder, Dell Magazines
Marcelle Dubé, Identity Withheld, Falcon Ridge Publishing
Brenda Gayle, Murder in Abstract (A Charley Hall Mystery, book 5), Bowstring Books
Wayne Ng, Letters From Johnny, Guernica Editions
Merrilee Robson, A Summer Place, The People's Friend
Elvie Simons, Not So Fast, Dr. Quick, Dell Magazines
Bev Vincent, The Ogilvy Affair, Independently Published



sponsored by Mystery Weekly with a $300 prize

 K.L. Abrahamson, Chicken Cooks and Bread Pudding, Superior Shores Press
Pam Barnsley, What can You Do?, Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine
Pam Barnsley, What Can You Do?, Dell Magazines
M.H. Callway, The Moon God of Broadmoor, Superior Shores Press
Hilary Davidson, Weed Man, Dell Magazines
Elizabeth Elwood, Ill Met by Moonlight, Proud Miss Dolmas, Superior Shores Press
Elizabeth Elwood, Number 10 Marlborough Place, Dell Magazines
Victoria Hamilton, Reunion with the Devil, Wildside Press
Sharon Hunt, Digging Through Fog, Dell Magazines
Sharon Hunt, The Disappearing Man, Dell Magazines
Rosemary McCracken, The Passenger, Mystery Magazine
Charlotte Morganti, All My Darlings, Mystery Weekly Magazine
Dustin Walker, Bend In The Road, Rock And A Hard Place
Dustin Walker, Trash Can Stakeout, Rock And A Hard Place
Susan Wright, Madeline in the Moonlight, Superior Shores Press
Melissa Yi, Flamingo Flamenco, Dell Magazines
Melissa Yi, Dead Man's Hand, Dell Magazines
M. Zizzari, Rage and Ruin, Dell Magazines



Cassie Bérard, L'équilibre, La Mèche
Roxanne Bouchard, Le Murmure des hakapiks, Libre Expression
Marie-Eve Bourassa, Tout écartillées, VLB éditeur
Chrystine Brouillet, Sa parole contre la mienne, Éditions Druide
Marc-André Chabot, Dis-moi qui doit vivre…, Libre Expression
Richard Cloutier, L’étreinte des naufrageurs, Éditions Eucalyptus
Richard Cloutier, La pluie tombait et la débâcle s’est amorcée, Éditions Eucalyptus
André Jacques, Les gouffres du Karst, Éditions Druide
Steve Laflamme, Sans la peau, Les Éditions de l'Homme
Maxime Maxime, L'Évaporée du Red Light, Editions Alire
Martin Michaud, Jusqu'au dernier cri, Libre Expression
Guillaume Morrissette, Conduite dangereuse, Saint-Jean
Christophe Roux-Dufort, Les manuscrits de la main morte, Saint-Jean
Patrick Senécal, Flots Editions, Alire
Richard Ste-Marie, Stigmates, Editions Alire
Diane Vincent, Jeux d'été, Éditions Triptyque
Ariane Gélinas et Maureen Martineau, Criminelles, Editions Alire



sponsored by Shaftesbury with a $500 prize

Cale Atkinson, Super Detectives!, Tundra Books
Cale Atkinson, Super Sleepover!, Tundra Books
Karen Bass, Blood Donor, Orca Book Publishers
Charis Cotter, The Dollhouse: A Ghost Story, Tundra Books
Rachelle Delaney, Alice Fleck's Recipes for Disaster, Puffin Canada
Cherie Dimaline, Hunting By Stars, Penguin Teen
Gareth Gaudin, Monster Sisters and the Mystery of the Stone Octopus, Orca Book Publishers
Gillian Goerz, Shirley and Jamila's Big Fall, Dial Books for Young Readers
Vicki Grant, Tell Me When You Feel Something, Penguin Teen
Regina M. Hansen, The Coming Storm, Atheneum Books for Young Readers (Simon & Schuster)
Marthe Jocelyn, The Dead Man in the Garden, Tundra Books
Wab Kinew, Walking in Two Worlds, Penguin Teen
E. Latimer, Escape to Witch City, Tundra Books
Owen Laukkanen, The Wild, Underlined (Penguin Random House)
Iain Lawrence, Deadman's Castle Margaret, Ferguson Books (Penguin Random House)
Kevin Sands, Children of the Fox, Puffin Canada
Kevin Sands, The Traitor's Blade, Aladdin (Simon & Schuster)
Ashley Shuttleworth, A Dark and Hollow Star, Margaret K. McElderry (Simon & Schuster)
Karen Spafford-Fitz, Pickpocket, Orca Book Publishers
Jordyn Taylor, Don't Breathe a Word, HarperTeen / HarperCollins Publishers
Xiran Jay Zhao, Iron Widow, Penguin Teen



sponsored by Simpson & Wellenreiter LLP (Hamilton) with a $300 prize

 Sarah Berman, Don't Call It a Cult, Viking Canada
Aaron Chapman, Vancouver Vice: Crime and Spectacle in the City's West End, Arsenal Pulp Press
Catherine Fogarty, Murder on the Inside: The True Story of the Deadly Riot at Kingston Penitentiary, Biblioasis
Nate Hendley, The Beatle Bandit, Dundurn Press
Dean Jobb, The Case of the Murderous Dr. Cream: The Hunt for a Victorian Era Serial Killer, HarperCollins Publishers Ltd.
John Little, The Donnellys: Massacre, Trial and Aftermath, 1880–1916, ECW Press
John Little, The Donnellys: Powder Keg, 1840–1880, ECW Press
Geoff Mynett, Murders on the Skeena: True Crime in the Old Canadian West, 1884 - 1914 Caitlin Press
Geoff Mynett, Pinkerton's and the Hunt for Simon Gunanoot: Double Murder, Secret Agents and an Elusive Outlaw Caitlin Press
Lorna Poplak, The Don: The Story of Toronto’s Infamous Jail, Dundurn Press
Adam Shoalts, The Whisper on the Night Wind, Allen Lane Canada
Mark Stobbe, The “Mr. Big” Sting: The Cases, the Killers, the Controversial Confessions, ECW Press
Mark Stobbe, The Cases, The Killers, The Controversial Confessions, ECW Press
Peter Vronsky, American Serial Killers, Berkley (Penguin Random House)




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