Deadly Accusations

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  • TouchWood Editions
  • ISBN: 978-1-927129-06-7
  • March 2012
  • Trade paperback 14.95
  • eBook 9.99
Transit cop Casey Holland is back and investigating a suspected gang war that is violently playing out on the local buses. In the midst of this gang war, someone begins targeting route M6 and throwing large rocks onto moving buses. As her cases escalate, Casey also finds herself embroiled in conflict with her colleagues. After the death of a fellow transit cop at Mainland Public Transport, the staff begin to suspect one another and regard former friends and colleagues with distrust. These are hard times for Casey, as she tries to search for the truth without alienating her friends and coworkers.
The second book in the Casey Holland mystery series, Deadly Accusations is a fast-paced whodunit, a psychological study of people who’ve lost control, and of people fighting to maintain it, no matter the cost.


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