The Orkney Scroll

Lyn Hamilton

The Orkney Scroll: An Archaeological Mystery

Antiques dealer Lara McClintoch finds her reputation tarnished when one of her wealthiest clients buys a rare writing cabinet on her word, only to learn it's a fake. Then Lara finds the dealer who sold it to him dead, with an axe lodged in his head. Lara's client is arrested for the murder, but something doesn't feel right. To save her reputation and prove her client's innocence, Lara heads for the Orkney Islands off the northeast coast of Scotland. Here she is pulled into a centuries-old Viking saga, and a troubling quest that leads to danger…and yet another murder.


Berkley Prime Crime
ISBN: 0-425-20800-1
April 2006
$32.00 (US$22.95)




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