Thin Glass Houses

  • Bryler Publications
  • ISBN: 978-1-927003-21-3
  • November 2012
  • Trade paperback $19.95

April Storm is the twenty-third young woman to disappear in the Chester, NS, area, and the residents are panic-stricken. Senior attorney, Crandel Christmas, takes the case, stringing the clues together, only to discover someone is stealing crucial evidence from his file - someone in his firm. With few exceptions, the lawyers at 'Christmas, Dibbles and Weiberhass' have only two things in common: their smouldering hatred for one another ...and their insatiable greed. Then, yet another woman goes missing, her effigy is found flaming on a cross, and the accused is denied bail and murdered in jail. Crandel realizes that everyone in his firm is suspect. But when he is kidnapped and left for dead, he knows he has to trust at least one of his colleagues to help him bring down the most evil misogynist of all time.

All of the author's proceeds are being donated to Prostate Cancer Canada.

Legal Thriller


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