Serpents Rising

  • Dundurn
  • ISBN: 9781459721722
  • October 2014
  • Mass market paperback $17.99
  • eBook $8.99

In 2005, journalist Adam Cullen’s wife, Donna, is killed by an arsonist. When police, fire and insurance investigators are all unable to track the culprit, Cullen hires, private detective Mike Cobb who is also unsuccessful. Seven years later, Cobb re-enters Cullen’s life. A search for a crack-addicted teenage runaway is tangles up with Calgary’s most ruthless criminal organization—and a possible lead on Donna’s killer. The parallel investigations take the two onto Calgary’s meanest streets, populated by a vicious biker gang, a silky-smooth pedophile… and face-to-face with a cruel killer about to strike again.


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