The Tangerine Murders: Dancing with Death

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  • APF Press
  • ISBN: 978-1-894490-32-0
  • May 2012
  • Mass market paperback 18.95
Detective sergeant (DS)Tara Street, born in Australia, leads her first homicide investigation with the TPS after the murder of a young server at the Laguna Club in Toronto's Chinatown. Facing rivalry with a detective colleague and efforts within the bureaucracy to bring her (and her ambitions)to heel, add to her headaches with few leads to follow in this high-profile case. A second murder, political games at City Hall and the Police Board that have to do with power and the police budget, and a contact killing in Bangkok all figure in the next part of the investigation. DS Street is sent to SE Asia to work with colleagues in domestic police forces in Thailand (at the Golden Triangle) and Vietnam to track down the organizers of an international human trafficking operation with links back to Toronto. DS Street, a dinki-di Aussie and now also a Canadian, witty, earthy and collaborative, is someone to watch on the Toronto and international crime fiction scene.


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