The Fallen One


  • Dundurn Press
  • ISBN: 978-1-45970-196-0
  • September 2012
  • Trade paperback 17.99

Marta Hendriks is onstage at the Metropolitan Opera in New York when she learns of her beloved husband’s death in a house fire. Overcome, she collapses and has to be carried off the stage.

Fast forward two years and countless therapy sessions, and Marta is ready to resume her career. By an odd chance, she’s hired at the last moment to sing Violetta for the Paris Opera. Keeping her emotions under tight control, she triumphs in the opening night performance. Able to relax for the first time, she decides to enjoy a rare day off. When Marta is caught in a sudden downpour, she dashes for the shelter of a Metro station and spots someone doing the same. What she sees freezes her in the middle of a busy Paris street. It is her dead husband. Marta fears she’s losing her mind – or did she actually see him? Back home in Toronto, she decides she must find out exactly where truth lies.


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