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Alex Brett has a degree in science from Dalhousie University and spent several years in graduate school before deciding that a life in the labs was not for her. Since that time she has lived in almost all regions of Canada and worked in a range of jobs varying from waitress to park naturalist to writer and editor for the National Research Council of Canada. In addition to writing the Morgan O’Brien Mysteries, featuring an investigator specialized in research fraud, she writes science features for various publications.

Selected publications:

The Morgan O'Brien mystery series
Cold Dark Matter
. Toronto: Dundurn Group 2005
Dead Water Creek. Toronto: Dundurn Group 2003

"The Art of Bringing Science to Fiction" in Sources. Toronto: Summer 2004
"Unnatural Selection" in Ottawa Citizen Saturday Arts. Ottawa: April-May 2004

"Queer Science" in The Citizen’s Weekly. Ottawa: July 2003

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