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Dr. Brad Kelln is a clinical & forensic psychologist in Nova Scotia. He works full-time at the largest forensic facility in the Maritimes and has provided expert testimony at all levels of the criminal courts on violence and abnormal sexual behaviour. He maintains a small, but busy, private practice and regularly consults to both the police and RCMP. Dr. Kelln can neither confirm nor deny holding a top secret contract with the military.

Dr. Kelln has been writing fiction for over almost 20 years and recently had his fourth book released (Tell Me More, 2018, Insomniac Press). His new book series, featuring psychologist Blake Waiter, is the culmination of his love of fiction and his career in forensic and clinical psychology. It is filled with action, humour, and psychology and set in the author’s current home of Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Twitter: @bradkelln

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