Sheila Kindellan-Sheehan

No one survives four brothers and three sisters without plotting one of their murders!

Sheila Kindellan-Sheehan has published seven novels, a memoir, and numerous articles. Her work has been featured in the Globe and Mail, read on the CBC Radio (First Person Singular, Radio One, CBC Montreal) as well as Montreal radio station CJAD, and seen on television channels CTV and Global TV.   

Sheila’s Take (Shoreline Press, 2003) was a critically acclaimed memoir, twice a Montreal Gazette bestseller. Of her four mystery novels, The Sands Motel (2004), Cutting Corners (2005), An Easy Mark (2006), and The Wrong Move (2007), two have been bestsellers.

Her sixth book, The Perfect Score is with a British agent and has been sent to Little Brown USA.

Reviewer Don Graves (Hamilton Spectator, January 26, 2008) says The Wrong Moveclearly announcesher [Kindellan-Sheehan’s] position as a major mystery voice on the Canadian mystery scene.”


Selected Bibliography:

The Red Floor, Vehicule Pres, May 2011

When eight-year-old Justin Henley, heir to the Henley fortune, drowns in the family pool while in the care of his father, anguish and a ferocious need for vengeance erupt. Jessie Henley does not accuse her husband of negligence - she accuses him of murder with intent. The devastating loss of his only grandson spurs her father, magnate Douglas Henley, to use all his power and influence in the investigation. He questions the physicians who called the TOD, he challenges the chief coroner, he demands the best detectives for the case and he privately hires a retired cop. A boy who swam like a fish doesn’t drown in the shallow end of his own salt water pool.

"Mystery buffs will enjoy twists, turns, and characters they learn to love – then despise with equal abandon – in Sheila Kindellan-Sheehan’s sixth novel, the crisp and clever The RED FLOOR. A privileged boy’s “accidental” death ignites a flash fire of rage and vengeance that burns as quickly as each page is turned. This is her best yet."
Scott Taylor, The Ottawa Sun



kindellan s ringer cover

Dead Ringer

Mike Halloran doesn’t expect to be a victim of attempted murder as he and the wealthy, eccentric occupants of a posh Trump condominium fall victim to a terrifying, murderous plot that propels the story forward at breathtaking speed to its chilling conclusion.

"With chases and murders galore, the action never stops.I've read every book Sheila has written and can honestly say this is her best book and she is one of the best Canadian writers today. "
Kelly Rolanty


The Caitlin Donovan series:

The Sands Motel

Caitlin and Carmen learn the consequences of greed on vacation in Miami when two bags of money fall at their feet. Embroiled in a deadly race, they run for their lives from the police, the young men who would kill them and from the chaos they have created.

"The Sands Motel is a good read. It is a page turner and there are many funny scenes. The bad guys are also well developed characters whose relationships leave the reader taking sides with the enemy."
MichShle Thibeau, Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph

kindellan-cuttingcorners Cutting Corners

When Christopher Donovan loses his bright future and his life, his sister Caitlin is vengeful and angry. She risks everything to find the killer who left her brother alone to die on a deserted street. Her search uncovers guilty secrets that threaten the entire family.

“… Kindellan-Sheehan is at her best when describing the fiendish Nicolina …meanwhile, Sophia and her elegantly named pug Monsieur Patate showcase a warmth and humour that elevate Cutting Corners from a simple morality tale to engaging novel.”
Layla Dabby, Montreal Gazette


kindellan-easymark An Easy Mark

Caitlin, now a professor at Concordia University learns how far a student is willing to go to succeed. Then a professor is murdered, another is brutally assaulted, and the secret lives of Caitlin’s colleagues unravel. Are these events related?

An Easy Mark is a solid outing for Kindellan-Sheehan.
Layla Dabby, Montreal Gazette

kindellan-wrongmove The Wrong Move

John Ternahan is a high-powered executive with money and power, a pretty wife and two great kids. And then a neighbourhood babysitter goes missing the night Ternahan drives her home. In the wake of the girl’s disappearance, a simple cell phone breaks into the lives of everyone it touches, rocking the West Village with betrayals, secrets, revenge and murder.