Eileen (Fairbrother) Schuh

(sometimes writing as Kastle Harbour)


Author of the adult novella "Schrödinger’s Cat". A "psychological crime thriller that spans two universes" and The Traz, a novel for young adults.

Am I the young girl growing up on a small farm near Tofield, Alberta? Playing with kittens in the hayloft? Catching frogs and dragonflies? Making snow angels? Puddling in the creek in the springtime? A child growing to adolescence bereft of a TV, running water, telephone, and electricity? The child, who at fifteen gets her first story published in Wee Wisdom Magazine? 

Who am I? Am I the young adult who moves to Edmonton, learns of ids and egos, Skinner’s box, psychotropics, and the criminal mind? Who becomes a psychiatric nurse? Who gets her first article published in Unity Magazine?  

Who am I? Am I the adult who achieves a Journalism Diploma from Grant MacEwan College and becomes a reporter/photographer for the Viking News? 

Who am I? Am I the woman-in-love who gives up her career to marry, moves to Strathcona County, and has three babies in three years? 

Am I the Office Administrator for the family-owned company, who relocates with the business to St. Paul, Alberta? 

Am I the Reporter who becomes the Editor for the St. Paul newspaper, The LakeLander? 

Am I a volunteer with the RCMP, the St. Paul Curling Club, and Ducks Unlimited? 

Am I this woman, cradling her first grandchild in her arms in a mansion on a hill, the sound of the fountain in the Atrium taking me back to those creek-puddling days of long ago? Am I the woman who does Yoga, is learning to cross-country ski? Is trying to find a publisher for her novels? 

Yeah, I am all of that. 

I stroke the baby’s palm and he curls his fingers tightly around mine. “Peter,” I whisper. “I know who I am, but what will I become?”

Selected Bibliography: 

  • The “Back Tracker” series of novels, revolving around mystery, murder, and mayhem (unpublished)
  •  The parallel novel, Noraebang, with cameo appearances by my beloved Back Tracker characters (unpublished)
  • The children’s novel, Aerdrie (unpublished)


Placed 2nd in the 2000 Bookland Press Charity Aid Literary Contest with my children's novel, "Aerdrie"

Placed 9th in the 2007 Bookland Press Charity Aid Literary Contest with Noraebang

Recipient of the Governor General’s Award (This has nothing at all to do with my writing, but it looks so impressive!  I received it in Grade 9 for achieving the highest marks in the County of Beaver on the Departmental Exams)